Andalusia, and Spain at extension, is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. Many varieties guarantee a palette of flavors and the quality very often is of high level. Visiting one of the prestigious producers therefore belongs to the highlights of a stay in the region. In Carmona, a stone’s throw away from the Bed and Breakfast Finca La Luz, the whole process of production, processing and commercialization can be viewed from nearby in the magnificent setting of the Hacienda Merrha. This is where exclusively the olive oil “Virgen Extra” of the brand BasilippoBasilippo is manufactured. Be it individually or with guide (in Spanish, English or French) the visitor is shown the olive grove, the production area, the packaging department and the family museum to end up tasting a few varieties. Those who have less time available but still want to bring home a typical gift from the same house will likely run along at the “oleoteca” in the heart of Carmona. For more information and any appointments interested guests should contact the B&B.