Starts early March with plenty of sunshine and daytime temperatures reaching smoothly 20 C°; in April and May 25 C° and more. Cool nights. However, it may also be rainy, but even then it remains always soft.


Dry, sunny and warm. Humidity is very low which makes that the perceived temperature is significantly lower than in the very humid coastal areas. In late July and early August afternoon peaks can be reached towards the end of the thirty degrees Celsius. Such periods of high temperatures rarely last more than a few days. Night temperatures vary between 20C° and 25C°.

The best defense is adopting the local lifestyle: visit in the morning, in the afternoon siesta in the shade and a splash in the pool, in the evening going out again.

The B&B is located outside Seville, on the first slopes of the Alcores, where a breeze will make the summer temperature some four degrees lower than in the inner city.


Sunny and pleasantly warm during the day with temperatures between 25C° and 30°C, in the evening and at night it becomes gradually cooler. There rarely falls much rain before November.


It never freezes or snows. December and January are the months with the lowest temperatures, during the day 12°C to 15C°, slightly less in rainy weather. Fresh overnight with temperatures just above the freezing point and up. From February on sunshine feels nice. Until the end of April gradually less chance of much precipitation.