Bed & Breakfast | Carmona – Seville, Andalusia

Quality Finca La Luz


The olive stands for quality
The RAAR – RED ANDALUZA DE ALOJAMIENTOS RURALES (Andalusian Network of Rural Accommodation) has elaborated standards to rate the guesthouses. They have chosen the symbolic fruit of Andalusia, the olive, to represent three levels of accommodation and basic quality. All of the establishments are inspected before being awarded the rating of two or three olives. Evaluation criteria are based on standards established in Britain, Germany and France and indicate quality levels which are comparable with other European countries.

The Finca La Luz has been awarded with two olives. This is the highest standard within the category wherein the finca is acknowledged by the Andalusian government and means: “that the lodging is adequately equipped in terms of comfort and decoration, at a level which is higher than the basic obligatory requirements. Perfect for short, comfortable stays and for holidays. It is equivalent to the UK’s two Diamonds/Keys, France’s two Kernels, Austria’s two Flowers, Germany’s two stars DTV and a similar system in Ireland.”

Thus the olives have to be considered as another quality label.


The oficial program SICTED
The oficial program SICTED ( ) from the Spanish government aims at improving quality in Spain’s touristic destinations. The final objective is offering the tourist a homogeneous and high quality standard in a same touristic destination as is Carmona. Other important cities in Andalusia such as Seville, Córdoba and Málaga also are active in the same framework. The Finca La Luz participates in the program since 2011. In January 2012 our guesthouse received the award « Compromiso de Calidad Turística – Commitment to Tourism Quality » stating that it fulfils the quality objectives.



A hallmark of quality
This official distinguishing mark shows that the “Finca La Luz” accomplishes the many requirements put forward by the decree 20/2002 on Tourism in Rural Environment from the Andalusian Authority. The decree distinguishes as “casa rural” (bed & breakfast) the establishments located in an agricultural area that attract attention for their specificity with regard to architecture, location and typical aspects, and that offer housing together with other services. Moreover the decree describes in detail the nature of the installations and equipments that the establishments are at all times obliged to maintain in good shape of conservation and functioning (sitting and dinner area, kitchen, rooms, sanitary services). Consequently it is about an indicator of guarantee, a hallmark of quality ! The Finca La Luz was registered on October 20th 2003.